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In The beggining there was Nindo Ryu Bujutsu.
Over the years as more knowledge was obtained, catergorised, and refined Nindo Ryu Bujutsu was divided up it seperate arts, all under the umbrella of Nindo Ryu.
Each of what was previously a subcatergory of Nindo Ryu had now grown to become martial arts in their own right.

IaiJutsu - The Art of the Draw - Swordsmanship
JuJutsu - The Gentle Art - Grappling
NinJutsu - The Art of Percevierence - The Core Art
KobuJutsu - The Art of Weaponry - Okinaowan and Japenese Weaponry
Tanto Do - The Way of the Knife -
Atemi Do - The Way of Stricking -
TaihoJutsu - The Art of Arresting techniques - Techniques of Law Enforcement
Yamabushi Ryu - Mountain Warrior Style -